Stranger in blogland

I find it hard to blog now. What I used to do was just write anything that popped into my head. It was very self indulgent and probably tedious to read. I really like person blogs. I love reading about other peoples lives. I find it hard now to be so selfless about it. I’d like to have my blog not just be a long rant about how I and my life suck.

It’s hard to decide what’s useful to say. What’s interesting. I also find myself being a bit a lot less open now that I’m a business owner. It’s frustrating to know that what I say can effect sales.

I tend to avoid engaging in community interaction while blogging. I know for many people it’s exciting, but I just feel insecure and awkward trying to respond to posts. I should though. It let’s someone know that you are reading and are interested. I read a lot of blogs. Outside of livejournal, I’ve probably posted maybe a handful of comments. I’ll have to get over myself and change that.

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  1. Claire says:

    I know what you mean. I actually also keep a personal blog ( that I’ve had since 2002. It’s really, really weird reading things from so long ago because I wrote such personal stuff, stuff I’m not sure I would be willing to write about today. I’ve only recently tried writing again, but I’m finding it a challenge. My beauty blog is easier, as there’s a reason for each post – EOTD or review or just writing ABOUT something. Anyway, I’m trying not to abandon it again, but it’s hard.

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